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Susan Delbert - Executive Chef

Asian Garden Rolls
These seem like they would be impossible to make, but with three unique ingredients: 
(1) rice paper wrappers (the produce section), (2) hoisin sauce (Asian aisle) and
(3) Thai basil (herbs) and some ingredients you probably have in your kitchen,
you can become a whiz in no time.  Like many Asian hors d’oeuvres,
the work is in the prep; the rolls themselves are easy to
master.  They will wow any cocktail party.

1)   1 Carrot, julienned (a mandoline makes this easy)
2)   1 Cucumber, peeled and julienne, no seeds
3)   lb. Bean Sprouts (optional any kind)
4)   3 inch piece Romaine Lettuce Heart, shredded, (or Arugula or Boston Lettuce)
5)     bunch Cilantro, de-stemmed
6)     bunch Mint, de-stemmed
7)     bunch Thai Basil, de-stemmed
8)   7-8 green Onions, cut on the bias
9)   1 Jalapeno, de-seeded and minced or julienned (test degree of hot on tip of tongue)
10) lb. Rice or Bean Thread Noodles, reconstituted (can substitute cooked Vermicelli) 
11) lb. Salad Shrimp or larger Shrimp cut in small pieces (optional)
12) Rice Paper (Spring Roll Wrappers, about 8” diameter)
13) Hot Water, in large wide basin or 8-10” bowl
14) Hoisin Sauce
15) Rice Wine Vinegar-small amount (optional)
16) A small amout of Sugar (optional)
17) A small amount of Sesame Oil (optional)
18) A small amount of Soy Sauce (optional
Dipping Sauce:
1)   Soy Sauce
2)   Scallions, thin slice on bias
3)   Red Pepper Flakes, Sriracha or Thai Chile Sweet Sauce
4)   Peanut Butter (optional)

1)   Optional...about 10-15 minutes before making the rolls, in a bowl, pour a small
       amount of rice wine vinegar and touch of sugar on carrot sticks.  In a second bowl,
       sprinkle a small amount of soy sauce on cucumber sticks. In a third bowl, pour a
       small amount of sesame oil on rice or bean thread noodles.  Toss each item to coat.
2)   Dip rice paper in bowl of hot water.  Let drip; lay flat on cutting board or work surface.
3)   Dab hoisin sauce on rice wrapper along end closest, like a smile
4)   Make a small pile of vegetables/noodles/shrimp (if using) in the middle of the rice
       paper wrapper; the order does not matter: lay one mint leaf, 1-2 cilantro sprigs, a
       few strands of rice or bean thread noodle, 1-2 Thai basil leaves, a small pinch of
       bean sprouts, 3-4 julienne carrot sticks, 3-4 cucumber sticks, 1-2 slices of jalapeno,
       2-3 pieces of green onion and a small pinch of shredded lettuce.  Add a few pieces
       of shrimp, Scallions, cucumbers, romaine, bean sprouts, mint, cilantro and Thai basil.
5)   It is not necessary to include all of these items; select a few, but keep the amount
       put in the wrapper VERY small.  Better to have 1-2 pieces of each item used than a
       big quantity of any one item.
6)   You can roll this like a burrito, but a tighter roll is achieved by folding the left and
       right sides of the rice wrapper over the middle so the two touch and form a seal
       over the vegetables.
7)   Beginning at the end nearest you, lift the edge of the rice paper wrapper over the
       vegetables (and the two side sections of the wrapper) and begin to make a tight
       roll of vegetables in the rice paper wrapper.  Store seam side down.
8)   Should the wrapper not properly seal, a bit of water along the top will seal the roll.
9)   Lay damp cloth or paper towel over top before covering with plastic wrap
10) Serve with dipping sauce:  1/4 soy sauce, 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup chopped scallions,
       2 tablespoons of Thai chile or red pepper sauce.  Peanut butter may be swirled into
       the dipping sauce for a variation.

Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes
1)   1 lb. Jumbo Lump Crab...(divide and )
2)   1 bunch (6-7) Green Onions or Chives
3)   1 cup Panko or soft Bread Crumbs
4)   cup Mayonnaise
5)   1 teaspoon Old Bay
6)   One dash Tabasco
7)   One dash Worcestershire
8)   Salt/Pepper
9)   1 Egg
10) 1 tbs. Dijon Mustard
11) Zest and Juice of one half Lemon
12) 2 tbs. Butter
13) cup Vegetable Oil
1)   Mince onions
2)   Combine in a bowl:  mayonnaise, Old Bay, salt, pepper, Tabasco, Worcestershire,
       egg, mustard, green onions and lemon juice.
3)   Toss crab meat with breadcrumbs and lemon zest.
4)   Fold crabmeat into mayonnaise mix.
5)   Gently Add last pound lump crabmeat, taking care not to break the lumps.
6)   Form 4-6 crab cakes patties; refrigerate one hour.
7)   Heat butter and vegetable oil in skillet until sizzling.  Do not let burn.
8)   Gently add crab cakes to skillet.  Let brown/golden on one side before gently flipping.
9)   Finish cooking on stove or transfer to 475 degree oven to finish cooking, about
       5 minutes
10) Serve with tartare sauce (if desired), pineapple coleslaw and/or rice pilaf with
       almonds and cranberries

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